About Me

Welcome to my miniature sugar-dreamworld!

„Dreams made of sugar”

I am Jennifer Melanie Ziemons, an Olympic gold medalist sugar and cake artist.

My story:

I started sweet-bakery in February 2015. Ever since I was a young child, I wanted to be a vet. But, due to an accident, I was unable to continue my university studies. So, I was left with no choice, but to choose another profession, another life goal. And, here we go... I became a sweet-baker!

I entered my first competition right after a first few months of starting.
I made a red miniature kitchen, out of sugar. My first try was awarded with a gold medal.
I’ll never forget that first competition, the excitement and the anxiety in the face of the unknown.
And the feeling when I held my first sweet-baker gold medal. I grew to like it immedately, and within two months, I returned from another competition, this time with 2 gold medals. At this point I realized that this was my destiny. This is where my self-fulfillment awaits.

I just love it when people are staring at my creations for minutes and can’t belive that everything is made of sugar. 

When they can’t believe their own eyes, that it is possible for example to create a raspberry - as small as 3 millimeters. These feedbacks never stop to empower me. When I was little, and my mom baked something, I used to shadow her, and I also baked...but I did everything in a miniature version. I remember how proud I was of my "artworks". But, I’d have never thought that I would once do this for a living.
Encouraged by the 2 gold medals, a few months later I entered the biggest cake show of the world, Cake International. On an early November day, I loaded everything in the car with my mom, and we set out to Birmingham.It was a long journey. 

My heart was pounding in my throat when we unloaded my entry and saw the competitors’ beautiful works.

Many bakers I knew from the Internet came up to me to congratulate for my achievements. It was such a pleasure! And the next day, the results: 4 golds for me! This earned me an article in Cake Masters magazine, which was a special honor.

By the time we arrived home, TV channels, magazines and radio stations were waiting for me.
This is when I felt that my works were truly appreciated.

The next year I returned to Tata again, the place of my very first competition. And, I was awarded the gold again. This inspired me to enter the Olympic Games. It took nobody by surprise, because I had always been known to dream big, to be perseverant and audacious. I just knew it that I would bring back an Olympic gold from Erfurt. 6 months of hard work followed, and finally I completed a 1.5 m tall, pink doll house, fully furnished. 
In October we loaded the car, and set out to a long journey for the second time around. When we started to unload the doll-house and put the levels on top of each other, the table visibly started to topple, and we still had one floor and the roof to go. We held our breaths as put the rest in place, and finally, there it was. The doll-house, weighing 120 kilograms. This was the first time when I saw it assembled. I couldn’t belive it was all my creation. Finally, when the resultswere out and they called my name, I was so excited that I couldn’t even grasp having been awarded with a gold medal. I just stood there, looked at the gold medal on my chest, smiled...and that’s all. I walked back to the doll-house to start packing it up again.I stopped in front of it, and it downed on me: I’ve made it. Tears dropped down my cheeks and I was just staring at my small treasure of 1,5 meters.People came up to me to congratulate and to take photos with me. My accident might have taken 10 years from my life, but I have gotten everything back, everything I just wanted. At night, I woke up several times and looked at my gold medal on my pillow: My Olympic Gold!

In early 2017 I got the honor to be chosen for a program called “50 Talented Young Hungarians”.

These talented youngsters were introduced in the special edition of the magazine La Femme.

I have another huge project to be completed before the end of 2017. Preparations are already ongoing. 

In 2018, we are going to open a sweet bakery shop with cafés and sweet shops throughout Europe.

But until then, I will many many wonderful creations will leave my workshop. It can be frightening to see all your plans and hard work suddenly vanish into thin air, but we know, everything happens for a reason. You have to start it all over, and come back fighting for your dreams even harder. Never give up!


This is how I achieved a gold medal in less than two years of being a sweet-baker. 


You can have anything you want -- if you want it badly enough. You can be anything you want to be, have anything you desire, accomplish anything you set out to accomplish -- if you will hold to that desire with singleness of purpose” 

Robert Collier