My achievements:

February 2015 - Tata Carneval Cup

Gold Medal

Miniature red kitchen, made of sugar




April 2015 - Szolnok Pelican Cup

2 Gold Medals

Miniature cake cart

Miniature animal picnic




November 2015- Birmingham, UK - Cake International

4 Gold Medals

Miniature vintage kitchen - made of sugar

Miniature cake shop

A miniature of the whole competition

Making muffins step by step - made of sugar






February 2016 - Tata Carneval Cup

Gold Medal

Miniature wedding cake and cake salon




October 2016 - Erfurt IKA Culinary Cup

My dreams came true!

Olympic Gold Medal

1.5 meter tall fully furnished doll-house, made exclusively of fondant.


I used Smartflex fondants and Fractal Colors colorings for all my competition entries. 

Champions use these ingredients:



7-9 February 2018 Sirha

Gastro show, Budapest Hungexpo

We held my very first sugar show at the Hungexpo in February, where we introduced some of my earlier competition entries, my doll-house that won me the Olympic gold, plus a HUGE specialty.

I have created a full-size SUGAR KITCHEN with a floor area of 3x2 m. Yes!!!! A kitchen, made of sugar! :)

Everything is made of sugar, down to the last minute detail. The walls, the floor, the furniture and all utensils.

I had the final creation in my head while I was working on it, but the first time I really saw it in its entirety was at the Show. I just stood there and stared at this huge sugarwork for long minutes. I loved every minute of the preparation. Every effort was worth it. I thank my Mother and my Partner for standing by me and for the support they never stopped giving, enabling the realization of my craziest plans:)

I thank my visitors for the many congratulations, the kind, praising words, but mainly the stares of awe, when they couldn’t believe that all is made of sugar! This was the real reward!

Basic facts:

325 kg Smartflex sugar paste

6 L Fractal Colors food coloring

1040 hours of work, for almost 6 months

A floor area of 3x2 m


Main sponsors: